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Children will fell right at home here in nature.

“Yaaaay, a flower, mine!” (Merlin, 2.5 years old)

kiana KITAS will give your child everything they need to blossom.
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Nature education

and the joy of movement.

Yippee! Climb over fallen tree trunks, jump into rain puddles, and wander around in the vastness of the forest. Of course, always under the watchful eyes of our employees. In this way, children discover the joy of movement in nature and get to know their own body better. Balancing, jumping, climbing, and running are crucial for developing a sense of balance and motor skills. Each child intuitively chooses the difficulty of their physical play according to their stage of development.


At kiana nurseries, our experienced staff look after your children not only in a traditional nursery setting, but as often as possible in nature. Each nursery has its own forest square with a “forest sofa”. The group visits this whenever the weather permits. Our specially developed nature education includes hours in the great outdoors and ensuring that nature also has a place in the nursery. In nature, we find a wealth of educational products that we use creatively in our teaching work.

Playful learning in nature

Oh, a deer! Encounters with the plant and animal kingdoms are so enriching. Here the children observe, explore, and investigate nature, always in the presence of trained carers.


With the educational approach of the kiana nurseries, we accompany each individual child in their development and their individual learning steps. We dependably accommodate the children’s needs and support them with age-appropriate activities.


The child takes this inquisitive attitude, picked up in nature, with them into everyday life. An enrichment for their personality. And a programme geared towards holistic learning that is fun and joyful.

Strengthening health

Jump, bounce, and shout – whatever the weather! Regularly spending time in nature strengthens the immune system, the mind, and the body: Hello alertness and intelligence, bye-bye posture problems and excess weight. The children also learn how to eat healthily. As far as possible, little kitchen helpers can make a big impact when preparing lunch. All in all, the program prepares the children optimally for the start of nursery school and for life in general.