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Daycare Zofingen

Welcome to our feel-good oasis for young and old alike: spacious, inviting, and inspiring. Could there be a more beautiful way to grow up? We think not.
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Welcome to kiana Zofingen

In the wonderful rooms of Villa Altachen, we care for children and babies from three months up to and including school age in mixed-age groups. The spacious, welcoming building is a former farmhouse that has been completely renovated and expanded. The adjoining large garden offers the children an ideal environment for their development and a diverse world of experiences. We use excursions to the farm and into nature to enhance the children’s sensory experiences. A place of safety and a place to meet peers. Various rooms invite children to let their creativity run wild. These include the painting studio, nature room, role-playing room, and the movement room. Qualified caregivers regularly create fantastic projects with the children or give them plenty of space for free play. We also create special offers for the smallest ones so that babies can fully develop. And if your child needs a breather, they can also take a step back and withdraw from the action. We have enough space for that too. Reserve your place now. We look forward to getting to know you and your child.
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    Opening times
    Monday – Friday
    06:45 Uhr – 18:45 Uhr
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    3 months up to and including school entrance
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Nursery management
Monica is an experienced nursery manager and leads kiana Zofingen with great passion. The children’s well-being is always her primary concern. She can’t wait to meet them, show them around the nursery, and answer all their questions.
Contact Monica Tel: 062 751 65 85

Location and contact

kiana Zofingen
Pilatusweg 2
4800 Zofingen
Public transport
Bus 1
in front of the building

Find out more about the Daycare Zofingen

At our daycare in Zofingen, we focus on a family atmosphere in which each child can develop individually. Our dedicated team of professionals provides a loving and nurturing environment that is tailored to the needs of each child. We attach great importance to a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and creative educational programmes that stimulate the children’s curiosity and love of learning. Our premises in Zofingen are designed to offer children a wide range of opportunities for discovery. From the colourful playroom to the spacious outdoor play area, children can play, learn and grow in a safe and stimulating environment. We are particularly proud of our educational concept, which aims to promote the children’s social, emotional and cognitive skills through targeted activities and projects. At kiana daycare in Zofingen, we understand the importance of the early years for a child’s development. That’s why we work closely with parents to ensure that every child receives the best possible support and encouragement. Our daycare in Zofingen is more than just a childcare facility – it is a place to learn, play and grow, where every child can develop their individual talents. Visit us in Zofingen and become part of our daycare.
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