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Daycare Herrliberg

This is where children's hearts sing: 1000 m2 of grounds, in the heart of nature, invite you to come and discover them. The perfect place for healthy development – simply amazing!
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Welcome to kiana Herrliberg

This is what a children’s paradise looks like: an entire house just for us, with around 1000 m2 of grounds. The perfect place to flourish and give free rein to your creativity. The large garden provides endless space for the children to play, jump around, and discover. Oh, what are these creepy-crawlies? A funny little bug. The one who want can devote themselves to the small creatures and plants here. There is also lots to discover inside the house: In the various entertaining and educational themed rooms. In our forest square, our own forest sofa invites you to relax. We often enjoy forest days here. Our qualified teachers regularly organize projects that are adapted to the children’s needs. We also have offers tailor-made for babies. Child-friendly materials and facilities are available for all ages. Your child will have plenty of space with us – not only for playing, but also for sleeping and relaxing. Reserve your place now. We look forward to getting to know you and your child.
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    Opening times
    Monday – Friday
    06:45 Uhr – 18:45 Uhr
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    3 months up to and including school entrance
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Nursery management
Anna is very passionate about working with the children and the team. She is an experienced nursery manager. She leads kiana Herrliberg with great passion. For her, balancing care work with the children and teamwork are an ideal combination. She can’t wait to meet them, show them around the nursery, and answer all their questions.
Contact Anna Tel: 043 277 51 68

Location and contact

kiana Kita Herrliberg
Forchstrasse 244
8704 Herrliberg
Public transport
Bus 974
Station Rietli, from Bahnhof Herrliberg
in front of the building

Find out more about the Daycare Herrliberg

Welcome to our Herrliberg daycare, a true paradise for children, where the imagination of our little ones knows no bounds in an area of around 1000 m2. Here, in our lovingly designed building, surrounded by a spacious garden, we offer the ideal space for play, fun and discovery. Our qualified teachers guide the children through the day with a wide range of activities specially designed to encourage creativity and independence. From watching the little bugs in the garden to relaxing moments on our forest sofa – here, children experience nature up close. At kiana Herrliberg, we understand the importance of early childhood education and therefore offer an environment that is rich in learning opportunities. Our themed rooms, from art to science, offer endless opportunities for exploration. With special programmes for babies, we ensure that even the youngest members of our community are well looked after. We invite you to become part of our daycare family in Herrliberg, where every child receives individual attention. Discover with us the joy of learning and the endless possibilities that nature offers us.
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