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Daycare Winterthur

A forest sofa in Winterthur? Yes, we have one here. Because we are in the middle of the city and in the middle of nature.
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Welcome to kiana Winterthur

Our nursery is very centrally located in Winterthur. In the immediate vicinity, wonderful parks and the Adlergarten invite you to explore. So we are surrounded by nature in the middle of the city. And if this is not enough, we dive into the forest during our inspiring days in the woods and visit our forest sofa. We work in a project-oriented way and visit the animals on the farm when we’re learning about farms, for example, but we also learn from books. In this way, the children playfully share, consolidate, and expand their knowledge. The needs of the youngest children are always taken into account. They are accompanied lovingly and learn a lot from the older children. And if the weather outside is not so inviting, we can feel materials in our natural rooms and build our objects there. Every child has a personal compartment with their favourite things. If they need to take a little break, your child can also take a step back and recharge their batteries. We have enough space for that too. Reserve your place now. We look forward to getting to know you and your child.
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    Opening times
    Monday – Friday
    06:45 Uhr – 18:45 Uhr
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    3 months up to and including school entrance
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Nursery management
Kaltrina is a cordial, upbeat and committed crèche manager with a passion for education. She has not only trained and gained work experience in various childcare centres, but has experience also as a kindergarten teacher, making her a great asset and addition to the team.
Contact Kaltrina Tel: 052 202 00 03

Location and contact

kiana Winterthur
St.Gallerstrasse 10
8400 Winterthur
Public transport
Bus 2 / 3
in front of the building

Find out more about the Daycare Winterthur

The daycare in Winterthur offers a unique combination of nature education and modern childcare. Located in the idyllic Mattenhof city park, our daycare allows children to experience nature up close and benefit from its many advantages. The kiana’s educational work focuses on promoting children’s development through contact with nature. The children spend a lot of time outdoors, exploring the surroundings, playing in the sandpit and observing the wildlife and flowers. In this way, they get to know nature with all their senses and develop a deep connection to it. We offer flexible childcare times to suit the needs of the parents. Whether half-day, full-day or block care – our daycare finds the right solution for every family. The kiana crèche team consists of experienced and qualified professionals who put their heart and soul into looking after the children. They offer the children a loving and stimulating environment in which they feel safe and comfortable. Our daycare in Winterthur is more than just a childcare facility. It is a place where children can fulfil their potential, discover the world and shape the future.
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