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Daycare Rotkreuz

A feast for the eyes for everyone: our nursery. In the beautiful Chäsimatt neighborhood. Centrally located and yet surrounded by nature.
Säuglingsbetreuung -

Welcome to kiana Rotkreuz

Our wonderful new nursery is located in the family-friendly Chäsimatt neighborhood. As well as modern, family-friendly apartments, there are plenty of shopping opportunities and innovtive employers .  Next to the train station.  In the immediate vicinity the local Binzmühle nature reserve. There is also an abundance of nature just waiting to be discovered. We work in a project-oriented way and according to the standards of QualiKita. When we’re learning about the farm, for example, we visit the animals there, but we also learn from books. The children playfully share, consolidate and expand their knowledge. Special offers are available for babies so that they too can develop to their full potential. Whatever your child’s wishes are, there’s plenty of space here to play, but also to withdraw. Every child has a personal compartment with their favourite things. Reserve a place now. We look forward to seeing you and your child.
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    Opening times
    Monday – Friday
    06:45 Uhr – 18:45 Uhr
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    3 months up to and including school entrancern
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    Number of places
Nursery management
Melissa has been with the kiana daycare centre in Rotkreuz since it opened and is looking forward to contributing her knowledge and experience. She has close ties with Rotkreuz, as she knows the region very well from her private and professional life.
Contact Melissa Tel: 043 543 59 50

Location and contact

kiana Kita Rotkreuz
Chäsimatt 15
6343 Rotkreuz
Public transport
In front of the building

Find out more about the Daycare Rotkreuz

The kiana daycare in Rotkreuz will open its doors in spring 2024 and promises to be a showcase for optimal room design and nature education. Located in the family-friendly neighbourhood of Chäsimatt, the Rotkreuz site not only offers a modern and stimulating learning environment, but also direct access to green recreational areas. This combination makes our kiana daycare an ideal place for the development and growth of children. With a clear focus on the needs of each child, from babies to kindergarten age, the Rotkreuz daycare integrates project-based learning with the aim of encouraging children’s curiosity and thirst for discovery. Our daycare plans to offer avariety of activities that support both cognitive and social development. From creative art projects to explorations in nature, each child is encouraged to pursue their individual interests and develop their skills in a loving and supportive community. The team in Rotkreuz, led by experienced educators, strives to create an environment where every child feels valued, safe and understood. The kiana daycare in Rotkreuz invites families to become part of an exciting educational journey based on respect, empathy and a love of nature.
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We are happy to show you our wonderful premises. We look forward to hearing from you.