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Our philosophy: space for movement and creativity.

“Mom, Mom, this is the day we’re putting up the tent…” (Mario, 3 years old)
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Come on, children, let’s sing! Is your child 3 months old or older and are you looking for a place where they can develop to the best of their abilities? Where their social skills can be nurtured? Then they will be in the best of hands in our mixed-age, family-style groups. The children fully develop their creativity with us through daily age-appropriate activities such as singing, designing, painting, handicrafts, etc. The professional care of your child is a subject that is close to our hearts. This is why our staff are trained in nature, infant or language education, and are always provided with support.

Nature education

Could there be anything better than spending your childhood surrounded by nature? There’s nothing we can think of. Nature offers a source of opportunities to provide children with targeted support. And invites them to use their imagination without limits. Nature opens the door to children’s desire to move. By spending time outdoors, they can fully engage with nature and learn to respect the environment and other living beings. As limitless as the possibilities in nature are, there is an invisible boundary in the form of the rules of the game.

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Wouldn’t it be great if your child could pick up a second language through play? The children experience their first contact with English immersed in a “language bath”. The immersive method places a lot of emphasis on facial expressions and gestures, and is not linked to performance expectations. Language support for children who speak a foreign language is also very important to us. The bilingual syllabus varies from location to location. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

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Settling in

Getting involved in something new and feeling comfortable with it takes time. This is why the settling-in period is so important for the children, parents, and caregivers. It should be as gentle as possible. As a rule, the settling-in period lasts for eight days spread over two weeks and starts on an hourly basis. Since every child is different, the duration is also different. Every child has different needs, habits, relationships, preferences, and feelings. We want to do justice to this.

Our ultimate goal is to make your child feel comfortable and secure with us.

Hygiene and safety

A hygienic working environment and the safety of the children are our top priorities. Our employees make sure that everything is in order. We comply with food legislation and work in a clean way with food, equipment, and premises. We have chore and cleaning schedules in every kiana nursery. These are hung on the wall and visible to everyone. Our safety concept is also impeccable: with clearly defined procedures and safety precautions, we are prepared to react quickly and safely in a potential or actual emergency situation (accident, fire, etc.). An emergency First Aid kit is always close to hand.

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    Security locks on windows

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    Socket protection

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    Fall protection for play equipment

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    Safety barriers for stairs

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    Securing the entrance doors and garden doors

Infant care

Infants need a lot of attention. That is why we take a lot of time for them and their needs. We make sure that they have the perfect conditions to develop their five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. We have also adapted the rooms to babies’ needs. We have a separate, lovingly furnished bedroom with baby cots. In order to promote their development, we also carry out age-appropriate activities with them in a playful way. We often use natural materials for this purpose. Our employees take care to behave in a calm and composed manner. In this way, we provide the little ones with the necessary sense of assurance so that they can settle down and enjoy some restful quiet time. We also take special care of the little ones when it comes to nutrition: we prepare fresh baby food. We also offer seasonal vegetable and fruit purees.

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A healthy mind inhabits a healthy body. That’s what we believe. That’s why we pay attention to nutrition.


For us, food is more than just daily sustenance. We want to bring some joy to the meal and strengthen the sense of community. The children should eat a healthy and varied diet with us. That’s why we prepare our menus fresh every day. They always contain seasonal vegetables and/or fruits. We alternate meat and fish dishes according to the day of the week. This gives every child the same opportunities to enjoy a balanced diet. As role models, we ensure clear table rules for a calm and pleasant atmosphere at the table. Your child isn’t keen on spinach? That’s OK. We encourage the children to try the different foods, but each child decides for themselves what and how much they want to eat.

We make fresh baby food. We offer seasonal vegetable and fruit purees, sometimes enriched with the cereal and milk supplements brought by you as parents. Would you like your child to have special types of puree, breast milk, or powdered milk? You are welcome to bring them with you.

We take allergies, food intolerances, religions, and dietary preferences into account as far as we can, although we ask you to please provide your own allergy-free food. We will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

Are sustainability, food waste, and recycling important to you? Then your child is also in good hands with us – we tackle these topics in various projects. In this way, the children develop an appreciation of food and ingredients.

The weekly menu plans are visible to everyone on the parents’ information wall. We hope your children enjoy their meals.

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